Earth Observation Seminars for the Gulf Cooperative Council Region (GCC) sponsored by the European Space Agency

22-23 March 2011, Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai

Providing an exciting opportunity for customers in the GCC Region to learn about European and Canadian EO data services and products

Register now to hear leading speakers present the latest insights on Earth Observation products and services of real relevance to the GCC Region

The Seminar includes:

  • Presentations from leading speakers using case studies to demonstrate the latest insights, benefits and practical application of EO services
  • Stimulating question & answer, and plenary sessions
  • A “market place” area for networking and learning more about EO suppliers and services in relaxed discussions
  • Forums to talk to suppliers directly about the opportunities for businesses in the GCC region to use wider EO industry services
  • The opportunity to tour the EIAST facility on the outskirts of the City of Dubai city to learn more about DubaiSat-1 and other aspects of the UAE space program (transport provided)
  • FREE refreshments throughout the 2 day programme, including lunch
  • Preferential rates at Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai (ask for Corazon.Lancin@Lemeridien.com).

Mr Nikolaus Faller is the Vice-President International Sales and Marketing Middle East and Africa of EADS Astrium. He is also Vice-Chairman of the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies, EARSC. He will open the EO Seminar with a discussion of:

  • Key Trends in the European EO Industries
  • Issues of relevance to the GCC Region
  • Advice on engaging in partnerships and service trials.

Mr Thomas Kukuk from GAF AG (Germany) will present “Improved Water Management using Earth Observation”
Presenting EO based products for monitoring and mitigation water scarcity:

  • Examples of EO based water management applications and products
  • Digital elevation models based for water management
  • Land use/cover and Vegetation mapping and monitoring
  • Seasonal monitoring of basins
  • Subsidence mapping
  • Rainfall estimates, evapo-transpiration and water balance.

Dr Stefan Saradeth from GAF AG (Germany) will present “Earth observation products and services providing urban development data for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. The presentation will cover:

  • Key environmental issues in GCC countries
  • Objectives and framework of an EIMS:
  • EO products and services
  • Implementation and use
  • EO based services:
  • Air quality monitoring and forecasting – air quality indicators
  • Oil spill monitoring, forecasting and coastal impact assessment
  • Land use/cover mapping and change monitoring and reporting
  • Tools for integrating and disseminating GIS and remote sensing data.

Nina Soleng from Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) (Norway) will present “The contribution of EO in the need for effective monitoring of oil spills”

By describing the unique oil spill monitoring service in the European countries, CleanSeaNet, and showing examples of data fusion for source identification, this presentation aims to show the benefits of using satellite data to detect and provide early warning of oil spills.

Dr Antoine Mangin from ACRI-ST (France) will present “Marine environment EO-based services”
The presentation will cover:

  • Introduction to the presenter and company
  • European and Canadian Capabilities in the marine domain
  • Public providers (eg the Marine Core Service)
  • Private downstream sector
  • Case Studies
  • Oil spill monitoring
  • WQ monitoring for aquaculture
  • Algal bloom detection and asssessment service
  • Relevance to the GCC Region
  • Recommendations.

Mr Stefano Cespa from TRE (Italy) will present “Applications of satellite radar inteferometry for ground deformation monitoring in the GCC Region”.

The presentation will cover:

  • Monitoring ground motion with radar satellites
  • Applications of interest for the GCC region
  • Radar interferometry as a monitoring tool in Europe, Canada, US and Japan
  • Creation of an EO service market in the GCC region
  • Future developments.

Mr Tilmann Jenett from GAF AG (Germany) will present “Integrated EO and GI Solutions for Geologic Mapping and Exploration”
The presentation will cover:

  • UPM methodology (uplift probability mapping) originally developed under ESA support in co-operation with PDO, Oman
  • Combining EO-data from radar satellites and optical satellite imeragy and ancillary data using GIS tools and other methods
  • Using geochemistry to support EO data.

Dr Martin Critchley from ERA-Maptec (Ireland) will present “Exploring the Possibilities of Using Earth Observation for the Detection of Illegal Waste”
The presentation will explore innovative and potentially cost effective methods of

  • detecting and monitoring illegal waste using earth observation (EO)
  • definition and classification of waste
  • trends and methods of disposal, including illegal activities

The use of EO will be examined using case studies and the role of upcoming sensors examined.

Mr Tony Bauna from Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) (Norway) will present “How maritime security in the GCC region can benefit from Earth Observation services”
The presentation will cover:

  • Maritime security and relevant issues for the GCC region
  • Satellite-based EO services
  • Vessel detection in SAR images
  • Correlating EO with vessel traffic information
  • Case studies of maritime security EO services
  • Summary of the use of EO in maritime security for the GCC region.

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